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Low-risk bitcoin arbitrage platform

Low-Risk Returns Through Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Make money from the price fluctuations of different cryptocurrencies.
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Low-Risk Returns Through Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Make money from the price differences of different cryptocurrencies.
Safe arbitrage crypto trading

Optimise Your Offshore Investment Allowance

Let a trusted and licensed broker manage it all for you. Take advantage today.
Take a look at our returns calculator to see what profit our low-risk arbitrage strategy could provide for you.
invest in cryptocurrency the safe way through our arbitrage platform

Why Invest with ELA

As an authorised financial services provider and licensed forex dealer, we make cryptocurrency arbitrage easily accessible to ordinary and sophisticated investors alike.
crypto arbitrage strategy
Financial Services Provider (FSP) Compliant
crypto arbitrage strategy
Managed Services / Tailored Services
crypto arbitrage strategy

Generate Returns in 3 Easy Steps

crypto arbitrage strategy
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Transfer Funds
Fund your newly opened FX account via electronic transfer.
Is bitcoin arbitrage profitable? Is crypto arbitrage profitable?
Trade & Withdraw
Reinvest for further gains or withdraw from your profits.
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How It Works

Tax compliant South Africans can use their R11 million a year offshore allowances (R1 million discretionary allowance and R10 million a year foreign investment allowance).

We open your own forex account and our licensed brokers process these transactions in a seamless and risk-free manner.
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Returns Calculator

Consider using R500 000 trading capital to halve the trade period and increase profits by R4 000 per million traded.
- 2 Trades a week
- Min. investment amount R100 000
- Based on the full R11 million investment allowance
- Values presented above are estimates.
- Request a call to find out more.
- SWIFT Fees are fixed at R500 per  transaction

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Invest With Confidence

An arbitrage solution that is secure, compliant, and easy to use.
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South African partner witn Circle & delivering arbitrage through USDC.


Funds under management within our arbitrage managed services.


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ELA is one of the few authorised Financial Services Providers

We Partner With The Best

Circle is a world leader in the crypto industry and is leading innovation with its USDC stablecoin product. ELA is proud to be one of the few approved partners in South Africa to use USDC and the Circle infrastructure within its arbitrage product.
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A Word From Our Clients

“Finally I was able to find a low-risk solution for entering into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. I've benefitted from ELA's expertise.”
Thediso Khumalo
ELA Artbitrage Investor
“I've always valued ELA's transparency with how they conduct my investments. I'm happy that I got introduced to them.”
Angela Herald
ELA Investor
“My initial R100k investment has performed well and I've just taken the decision to increase my offshore investment allocation to ELA.”
Zeyad Hendricks
ELA Artbitrage Investor
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Everything You Need to Know

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What is arbitrage?
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Arbitrage is  the profiting of  price differences of  the same asset  in different markets. Investors in countries  with exchange controls – like South  Africa can expect  to pay  more  for internationally  traded assets due  to  the restricted supply  of  hard currencies like  the US Dollar. This is how  arbitrage opportunities arise.
What exchanges do you use?
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We have partnerships with many internationally recognised trading platforms, such as Kraken, Circle, Ovex, Valr and Luno.
What Stablecoin are funds settled in?
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Funds are settled in ‘USDC’ rather than other currencies for arbitrage purposes because it allows for a completely low-free trade.
What is my eligible yearly off-shore allowances?
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Tax compliant South Africans get R11 million a year offshore allowances. R1 million discretionary allowance and R10 million a year foreign investment allowance.
How to apply for an FIA
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If you need assistance in applying for your foreign investment allowance, please inform us and on of our dedicated tax advisors will assist.
What is the minimum capital investment?
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ELA requires starting capital investment of R100 000 to participate in the cryptocurrency arbitrage fund.